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Have your car looking like it did when you first bought it, not with time travel but with Quick Hand Car Wash & Detailing's fastidious interior and exterior car wash. This service includes a hand wash, window cleaning and interior vacuum - just enough to keep your whip looking prim, proper and passenger-ready. If you're the kind of person who takes trips through muddy back roads on a regular basis, or drives on the dirt-ridden highway every day, go for option two and get a whole 365 days' worth of washes. For all your other car-cleaning needs, Quick Hand Car Wash & Detailing provides tire shining, trunk cleaning, rim cleaning and more. Quick Hand Car Wash & Detailing is proud to serve Hamilton and Stoney Creek area.

Our Services

Interior Wash
Exterior Wash
Engine Wash
Tire Shine
Rim Cleaning
Hand Buffing
Machine Buffing
Air Freshener